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Hinduphobia in Karnataka: Hindu Trader Attacked For Playing Hanuman Chalisa

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Under the Congress regime, hinduphobic Karnataka hates Hanuman Chalisa! Until recently, Karnataka was hailed as a flag bearer of Hindu piety and devotion. It was also the symbol of progress with a surplus GDP and Silicon Valley as its capital. However, the love for ‘freebies’ allowed Congress to destroy the state’s budget, religious identity, safety, and pride in less than 24 months!

Karnataka has witnessed a disturbing trend of attacks against Hindus under the appeasement specialist Congress. The most recent incident involves Muslim goons thrashing Mukesh, a Hindu shop owner in Bengaluru, for playing the Hanuman Chalisa during Ramadan! Is Karnataka no longer safe for Hindus??

Assault on Faith: Goons Attack Mukesh For Playing Hanuman Chalisa

On 17th March 2024, Mukesh was brutally assaulted by a group of Muslim youths on Jumma Masjid Road in the Siddanna Galli area of Bengaluru. His crime? Playing the Hanuman Chalisa at an appropriate volume inside his own shop. Despite Mukesh’s legal right to play the mantra, he was attacked by a Muslim gang. Moreover, he was threatened with dire consequences if he did not stop playing the devotional songs in the future. Why? It disturbed their Azaan during Ramadan!!! Unbelievable right? Thankfully the shop’s CCTV captured the entire incident of this unprovoked assault on a Hindu.

Bengaluru: Father of Hindu shop owner who was beaten for playing Hanuman Chalisa demands strict action against the perpetrators
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Mukesh’s father, Gopal Singh, spoke to the media to express his shock and anguish over the incident. He asks the authorities to deliver swift justice and take strict actions against the perpetrators. This Hindu father is distraught at how his son was attacked while simply upholding his religious convictions. While recounting the harrowing incident, Mukesh shares details of how badly he was beaten up, and threatened by this gang of local Muslims.

Denial and Delay: Police Response Mirrors Congress’ Apathy?

Despite clear evidence of religious intolerance and violence, reports state that the Halasuru Gate Police Station in Bengaluru initially denied any communal angle to the incident. They even delayed registering the FIR for the incident. Reports claim that the local traders had to show solidarity with Mukesh to put pressure on the police. Armed with the CCTV footage of the assault, the police finally chose to eventually register an FIR.

BJP Leader Tejaswi Surya states that the initial FIR only listed loud music as the cause of conflict.

The leader had to go with Mukesh to the Halasuru Gate Police Station and ensure that a detailed statement was taken.

Additionally, he had to use his presence for the police to mention Hanuman Chalisa mantra as the true reason for the Muslim gang to attack Mukesh. The police in the I.N.D.I. Alliance states bear the pressure of supporting the political philosophy of the regime. Therefore, is this incident a reflection of how Hindus will be treated after they vote-in a ‘Revadi’ Sarkar to power???

Karnataka’s Troubling Trends: Debt, Crisis, Terrorism, and Appeasement Politics

Hatred For Hindu’s Hanuman Chalisa

This incident highlights not only the growing religious intolerance in Karnataka but also the attitude and apathy of authorities towards Hindus. Has Karnataka become a place where playing a Hindu prayer or Hanuman Chalisa could lead to violence and threats?

Is Karnataka a Mini Bangladesh or Afghanistan now??

Additionally, the subsequent denial of a communal angle by the police presents a deeply saddening reality. Consequently, it reflects a worrying trend of appeasement politics and anti-Hindu sentiment under the Congress-led government in the state.

Debt Ridden And Draught Striken Karnataka

Furthermore, the assault on Mukesh is just one manifestation of the broader challenges facing Karnataka. Despite being blessed with abundant resources, the state is burdened with debt. Why?

The Congress government’s reckless spending on freebies and appeasement policies has drained the state’s finances.

Moreover, the neglect of critical issues like water conservation, despite repeated warnings by experts and opponents, has led to extreme water shortages, not only in Bengaluru but across the state.

Appeasement Politics At Play

In the midst of all this, the Karnataka Congress is allocating large chunks of taxpayers’ money to Muslim and Christian minorities.

The latest Congress state budget allocates 300 crores for Christian and Muslim minorities!

Why? To buy votes for the upcoming elections? Or to pay for the votes received by these sections in the state elections?! Nonetheless, these appeasement measures raise serious questions about the priorities of the state government.

Terrorism And More

The Rameshwaram Cafe blasts and its subsequent ‘toolkit’ narrative show that Karnataka is on the way to becoming a nightmare. Do criminals feel safe in a state run by Congress? Do Jihadis enjoy special freedoms under CM Siddaramaiah?

All the while trying to pass legislations that would make Hindu temples a cash cow to fuel their dirty appeasement politics!!

Karnataka is no longer the pride of Hindus in the Southern states of India.

The assault on Mukesh and the broader socio-political climate suggest a troubling reality that demands urgent attention and action. Are you happy with what you chose Karnataka Hindus?? If not, the chance to repent is at hand! Vote wisely during the 2024 general elections. Otherwise, the nation may go to hell in a handbasket under ‘sickular’ politicians!! 

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