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Besharam Rang – Delhi Metro Viral Holi Video 

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If you thought Besharam Rang was just a song and Delhi Metro was just a train, you were wrong! The recent viral video of two girls playing Holi in Delhi Metro actually lives up to the theme of the song. As netizens get mad at the sheer sleaze and adult nature of the viral reel, Metro authorities kick into action. Seemingly, the cringey reel on social media has a deep fake technology angle. Let’s talk!!

Besharam Rang Of Social Media Holi Trends 

The viral video shows two young girls applying colors embodying ‘Besharam Rang’! They seem to get off on playing Holi with each other inside a Delhi Metro coach. Apart from the obvious violation of public spaces, the disturbing video raises questions about the cultural sensibilities of Bharat’s youth.

The footage shows the girls engaging in extremely intimate and sleazy gestures. They smear each other with Gulal in a distasteful suggestive manner, all the while grooving to the popular song – ‘Ang Laga De Re, Mohe Rang Laga De’!!!

The video shows a crowded coach of Delhi Metro in the background. Their choice of location adds insult to injury to the video’s content.

These two young girls audaciously promote same-sex relations while blatantly disregarding social norms and Public decorum.

As the video went viral, deeply enraged social media users rejected this obvious attempt at degrading both Holi and public spaces. Many asked the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to take strict action against these girls. Few went so far as to ask authorities to fine those who use public spaces to make cheap reels for their 15 seconds of fame!

Deep Fake Angle To Delhi Metro Viral ‘Holi’ Reel? 

DMRC asks staff to take precautionary steps against coronavirus | India News - Times of India
PC Times of India

While analyzing the video the DMRC has raised a few questions on its authenticity! They suspect the possibility of deep fake technology being used to create it. The reel shows a crowded coach but passengers don’t look at them or their projection of Holi as a Besharam Rang Utsav! Also, the authorities suggest that the shot angle seems to suggest the use of a green screen rather than an actual coach of the Delhi Metro!

However, reports state that one of the women in this obscene reel confirms that no deep fake technology was used to create the video. 

However, despite its doubt on authenticity, the DMRC condemns the video. They ask all passengers to travel responsibly on public transport. Moreover, they ask passengers to report when such reels are being made immediately. Thereby, asking for public participation in curbing the rise of this social menace and deviant trend.

But such statements do not pacify the enraged internet users of Bharat! They opine that fines or more should be leveled at those who use public transport in this shameless manner. Furthermore, they think a nonchalant attitude of authorities towards the reel would only normalize such inappropriate behavior in the future. Thereby, undermining the importance of respecting both the society and public spaces.

Points to Ponder

Many hues of Besharam Rang color this reel and many others like it going viral on social media. All of them underscore the broader issue of expediently degrading societal values in India. Additionally, it highlights the impact of digital culture on impressionable young minds in Bharat.

The glorification of sensational content and the quest for online validation have desensitized the youth in India.

Thus, it is imperative to take steps as a society to restore sanity and balance in the lives of the younger generations. Urgent and concrete strategies are required to help the youth turn into Amrit Peedhi instead of Besharam Peedhi! 

The Delhi Metro Holi video serves as a sobering reminder of the need to re-educate Bharat’s future generation to grow a societal consciousness. They must be retaught to distinguish between acceptable behavior and popular trends.

Moreover, they must identify the increasingly blurred Lakshman Rekha that demarcates social media popularity and true fame.

Bharat, it is time to introspect collectively as a whole, or else an entire generation will be lost to reels, viral video, and digital gratification. Let us all work together to foster a cultural, responsible, and Dharmic society that embodies Bharat’s honor and heritage in every way!

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