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Challenging Scientific Racism of the Western World

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Scientific racism is a tool often used against India and other non-Western civilizations by the Western World. This genre of racism refuses credit for any accomplishment that is not gained through the efforts or approval of the ‘White Man.’ As one of the oldest surviving civilizations, India is rich in cultural and scientific heritage. Consequently, India suffers the most under the oppression of scientific racism. Bharat’s ancient Vedic texts provide a compelling counter-narrative to this White Supremacist Ideology. However, it still continues to suffer under the suppression of the West.

The Dark Shadow of Scientific Racism

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Scientific racism perpetuates harmful stereotypes and prejudices against Indians. This ideology led the Western World to label India as the ‘Land of Snake Charmers’. This concept stems from the inherent superiority of the Western world that the ‘White Man’ suffers from. This superiority complex compels them to undermine the contributions of people belonging to other races.

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The West perceives intellectual and scientific achievements through a narrow periscope. Only the accomplishments in the format they approve, in the language they speak, and of the race they approve are considered. All achievements that do not meet their ‘Whiteness’ standards or vision are simply suppressed.

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A prime example of this mentality is the credit given to Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi for developing radio communication in 1897. The Indian scientist J.C. Bose, who displayed a working model of wireless communication 2 years before Marconi, was sidelined. The science textbooks still label Marconi as the inventor of the Radio. While J.C. Bose is credited as the ‘Father of Radio’ later on, his scientific accomplishments remain unlisted. Reports state that Bose was against patents and wanted knowledge to be free. This attitude let a ‘White Man’ stake claim, while he remained forgotten in the pages of scientific accomplishments and credits. Similar suppression is still faced by Indians in the fields of experiment and science, the contributions of civilizations outside the Western world are viewed through a lens colored with suspicion and mediocrity.

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Proof of Bharat’s Ancient Vedic Wisdom

India’s ancient Vedic texts, which predate Western knowledge by centuries and millennia, offer profound insights into various fields of science and technology. These texts encompass a wide array of subjects, including science, medicine, astronomy, technology, psychology, philosophy, and statecraft.

Aryabhata I was the first of the major Mathematician-Astronomers from the classical age of Indian Mathematics and Indian Astronomy » Indian Famous Mathematicians » Vedic Math School
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Vedic texts contain advanced knowledge of mathematics. As Swami Vivekanand stated, Bharat introduced the world to the concept of zero and the decimal system. The concepts of geometry are explained in detail in Vedic mathematics. Aryabhatta’s mathematical genius existed in 500 C.E. His algorithms for squares, cubes, and roots are etched in ancient texts. Additionally, he was the first known mathematician to use the calculations that resemble the modern ‘pi’. Aryabhatta discovered the properties of right-angled triangles, circles, etc. He gave the world the gift of the table of sine.

Thus, texts filled with ancient Vedic mathematical acumen predate the Greek experts to which the Western World gives credit. Sadly, India’s mathematical textbooks still teach Greek mathematicians as the originator of concepts that took birth in India.

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Sushruta in Ayurveda
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Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of medicine. Its texts contain detailed and intricate knowledge of human anatomy, herbal remedies, and surgical techniques. It remains relevant in holistic healthcare today. Sushrut Shastra is a well known Vedic text on surgery. Consequently, it is safe to assume that the wisdom of these texts were practiced in Bharat for millenia. While the Western world was still learning to proverbially walk on two feet instead of four, Bharat was accomplished in medicine.

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The Vedas contain several references to celestial bodies and planetary positions. The Panchasiddhantika and Surya Siddhanta date back to 550 C.E. When Bharat was unraveling the secrets of the universe, the Western world still believed the earth was flat. When Vedic Indians studied the planetary systems, the White Man believed that the sun went around the earth. Vedic India named the planets and charted their paths, however, modern Indians only remember the names given to them the White Man. Moreover, Vedic concepts of time and space are still far ahead of the limited understanding of Western scientist till date. 

Psychology and Philosophy
Perennial Psychology of the Bhagwad Geeta
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The Upanishads delve into the human psyche and consciousness. The understanding of human nature and the ways to guide it to attain moksha were practiced in Bharat much before the White Man discovered the concept of philosophy and psychology. The Bhagavad Gita is a prime example of the philosophy interlinked with psychology. This text helps humans understand the world and themselves. However, the contribution of this text is repressed under the guise of religious propagation by the White Men in power.

कैसे चाणक्य ने भारत को गर्व करना सिखाया? - how was kautilya's economics arthashastra and its impact on india | Navbharat Gold
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The Arthashastra was written by the ancient scholar Kautilya also known as Chanakya. It offers profound insights into governance, economics, and politics. In the modern complex political arena, scholars are keenly able to identify the wisdom of this Vedic text. While the West was still engaged in tribal wars, Bharat was walking the intricate path of diplomacy and politics.


Bharat’s Vedic wisdom challenges the stereotypes perpetuated by Scientific Racism. It showcases Bharat’s civilizational contribution to humanity, which often precedes Western discoveries by centuries if not millennia. This legacy of Vedic India denies the concept of Western supremacy and intelligence. The modern internet era has made it impossible for the White Man to suppress this narrative as they have done for centuries. The culture of exclusivism is over and Bharat is poised to take its rightful place in the scientific world.

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