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Christian Conversion Mafia Responsible For A Boy’s Death

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In a small town in India, the name Pastor Praveen Kumar from Bellampally once stood synonymous with hope and faith. His presence on television and his apparent ability to heal the sick through divine intervention had garnered him a substantial following. However, his truth was exposed a few days back. This led to calls for his accountability and the banning of such “healing” shows.

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The Conversion Mafia

The incident that has drawn the attention of the nation revolves around a woman, a devoted follower of Pastor Praveen Kumar. She had seen one of his healing videos on TV, where the pastor laid his hands on a patient, seemingly curing them. Filled with faith, she took her ailing son to Pastor Praveen Kumar, hoping for a miracle.

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A Desperate Mother’s Plea

Trusting in the power of prayer and divine healing, the woman turned to the pastor in desperation. She asked for his help to save her son. She believed in the miracles she had witnessed on TV. Little did she know that this visit would turn into a harrowing nightmare.

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Five Days of False Hope

Pastor Praveen Kumar kept the patient in his care for five agonizing days. However, contrary to the expectations, he did nothing substantial to address the young man’s deteriorating condition. The mother watched helplessly as her son’s health worsened with each passing day.

The Shocking Betrayal

As the young man’s condition spiraled out of control, desperation took over the mother. She pleaded with Pastor Praveen and his associates to rush her son to a hospital. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, instead of showing compassion, the pastor and his associates arranged for their goons to transport the ailing young man.

However, this wasn’t a journey to the hospital; it was a cruel ruse.

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Abandoned and Alone

The distraught mother and her son were left in the lurch, abandoned by the very people they had put their faith in. The goons who had promised to take them to the hospital veered off course, driving around aimlessly for three agonizing hours. Despite the mother’s desperate pleas and threats to jump from the moving vehicle, the hearts of those responsible remained hardened.

A Glimmer of Hope

As hope seemed to fade, a ray of light emerged in the form of compassionate passersby. Hearing the mother’s anguished screams, they intervened, stopping the lorry. In the ensuing chaos, the goons responsible for this ordeal fled the scene, leaving the mother and her ailing son in the care of strangers.

A Mother’s Unbearable Loss

Tragically, the young man could not be saved. At the tender age of 21, he became yet another victim of the false promises and deceptions perpetuated by the so-called “healing” shows on television. A mother, once full of faith and hope, was left to grapple with the unbearable loss of her beloved son.

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Calls for Justice

This heartbreaking incident has sparked outrage across the nation. Many are now demanding justice for the grieving mother and her son. There is a growing call for the government to take action against pastors like Praveen Kumar who exploit the vulnerable through misleading shows on television.

The Need for Accountability

The tragic loss of a young life demands action from authorities, and it is the responsibility of society to ensure that no more lives are lost to such deceptions. In a world filled with false promises, the pursuit of justice remains an unwavering beacon of hope.

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