Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Amit Shah

Amit Shah Slams Kejriwal’s Bail as “Special Treatment”

In a scathing critique that sent shockwaves through political circles, Union Home Minister Amit Shah condemned the recent Supreme Court decision granting interim bail...

“Maa Maati Manush” Is Now “Mullahs Madarsa Mafia”: Amit Shah

In a fiery political rally held in Birbhum Home Minister Amit Shah didn't hold back at all! He gave scathing criticism of Bengal Chief...

Congress Throws Reetam Singh to the Wolves: The Controversy Explained

The controversy surrounding a doctored video of Union Home Minister Amit Shah has taken a dramatic turn with the arrest of Reetam Singh, the...

Amit Shah Destroys Congress Party’s Misinformation!

Home Minister Amit Shah has strongly refuted the recent allegations made by the Congress party regarding the Bharatiya Janata Party’s stance on reservation policies....

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