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Thomas Friedman’s Woke Position

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Thomas Friedman ‘s woke position on the Israel-Hamas war shows the left-liberal brigade’s hypocrisy on the right of Israel to retaliate

Thomas Friedman, an American political commentator and columnist for the New York Post has stoked a massive controversy.

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This controversy is a classic case of the left leaning brigade lecturing countries on the right to self-preservation.

His assertions flies in the face of logic, particularly what a country should do in the event of an attack on its soil.

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The attack concerned is perpetrated none other than Islamist terror groups that seek nothing but to kill non-Muslims.

What Did Friedman Actually Say?

Thomas Friedman wrote an op-ed piece for The New York Times in which he compared the Indian response to the 26/11 attacks and Israel’s response to the Hamas attack on it.

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In the article, Friedman “praised” the Manmohan Singh government’s “remarkable restraint” in the face of the terror attack which killed 160 people.

He argued that Dr.Singh show remarkable statesmanship in not retaliating to the attack on the ‘nation of Pakistan and its people’.

In the same article, he berated the Israeli government and its retaliation to the Hamas attack.

He argues that the attack was causing immense suffering to the Palestinian people and that the Palestinian people have the “right to have a separate state of their own”.

Why His Basic Understanding Is Flawed

Thomas Friedman’s essay is the quintessential case of left-liberal hypocrisy.

Dr Manmohan Singh’s track record on national security & sovereignty of Bharat was terrible. Bomb blasts and terror attacks were an everyday phenomenon.

In praising the restraint he indirectly vindicated the Islamist terror group’s desires.

In criticising Israel and its military response he is leaving Israel vulnerable. If Israel did not retaliate military there will be no nation called Israel tomorrow and no ethno-religious community called Jews and Judaism.

But Mr Friedman think about this-if tomorrow terrorists barge into your home, held your family hostage and committed unspeakable horrors on your family, what will you do?

Will you preach non-violence and restraint?

Certainly not I think.

Hence, Thomas Friedman’s woke position must be unanimously condemned.


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