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The Manipur Incident And The Manipulation Of Truth In The Social Media Era

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In the era of social media, people are actively using a new technique – the tool-kit. This tool-kit involves twisting facts into lies and lies into truth, crafting a whole story based on half-truths, blending a little truth with a lot of lies, sniffing out the sensitivity of time and opportunity to exploit issues. This tool-kit has the power to turn one individual into a hero and another into a villain, to suppress the powerful and elevate the weak, and to create chaos worldwide. Today, people are actively using this tool-kit in the case of two disrobed women in Manipur, an incident that took place two months ago.

Toolkit Media

Congress leaders & supporters had meticulously followed the toolkit
PC OpIndia

Social media is sharing a video showing a crowd of men taking two naked women away. The claim is that these women belong to the Kuki community, and the men perpetrating the atrocity are from the Meitei community. The video’s authenticity is not in question, but its emergence on Twitter, around 40-45 days after the incident, raises suspicions. It coincided with the beginning of the monsoon session of parliament, which raises questions about whether this was a mere coincidence or a well-calculated ploy. It appears to be a perfect example of someone exploiting the sensitivity of time and opportunity to stir up an issue.

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Reality Of Manipur

In Manipur, women defy soldiers who threaten to disrobe them, and they have been doing so. The army itself has shared videos testifying to their helplessness in such situations. However, it is crucial to note that violating a woman’s modesty, no matter the circumstances, is inhumane and unacceptable.

The incident involving the two women in Manipur is indeed inhumane. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the fact that the women themselves did not respect their dignity by undressing.

Government asks Twitter to take down Manipur video of women being paraded naked | Tech News
PC HT Tech

Understanding the Kuki community is essential. Are they genuine victims of Manipur’s violence, or are they the root cause of it? The history and culture of Manipur are closely linked to the Kuki community. They have significantly contributed to Manipuri history and culture. The Kuki community, representing 35% of the population, owns 90% of the land. They have abandoned Hinduism for Christianity and are involved in the opium trade. Recognizing this information is vital to understand how the tool-kit manipulates the perception of the world, turning the Kuki community from perpetrators into victims.

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Tool-Kit Media

We often see videos depicting Muslims engaging in unsavory acts, spitting in food, urinating in public, and doing despicable things. However, these incidents are often normalized. But imagine if a Muslim girl were involved in such actions; the reaction would be drastically different. This is the power of the tool-kit. The incident of the naked women in Manipur is indeed barbaric and carried out by the beasts in human form, but the truth is not that simple. If you are truly human, any sad truth should shake your conscience. If you do not feel for the plight of the Meitei community, then you are a part of the tool-kit, swayed by the sight of the disrobed women and moved by your artificial emotions.

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