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Diwali Hypocrisy: Silence on Crop Burning While War on Firecrackers

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AAP governments in Delhi and Punjab were silent while the lush fields of Punjab burn in their annual ritual. Social and Mainstream media were silent on fumes that poison the air. We are talking of the ongoing Crop burning – a major contributor to air pollution in the northern India. This annual mode of clearing of fields fills the capital of India with smoke and smog. However, this year it somehow evades the criticism of the AAP government and self-proclaimed liberals. They wake up one week before Diwali to the reality of the nightmare that Delhi lives in! On the other hand, the juduciary makes noises over bans on the ways Sanatani can express their happiness or joy! 

Moreover, it is not even the peak holiday season yet, but influencers have already begun their job! They are using the plight of their pets to propagate an anti-Hindu agenda by denouncing the use of firecrackers during Diwali. The firecrackers at weddings do not bother them. They love to see the sky ablaze with ‘rockets’ after an Indian cricket victory. They absolutely demand it in the background of their marriage proposal pics. However, when it comes to Hindu festivals they display a double standard of Diwali Hypocrisy.

The Silent Blaze of Crop Burning

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Again this year reports claim that the fields of Punjab bear witness to a silent blaze as farmers engage in crop burning. This annual ritual is their way to prepare for the upcoming planting season. While smoke engulfs the region, the glaring question remains: why does the focus on air pollution shift primarily to Diwali when crop burning remains a persistent issue?

The AAP government is silent on this issue. Had this been Diwali time, would they have still have remained mum? The reality is that like most anti-Sanatani activities, such political parties do not really care about the environment.

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They only use it as an excuse to suppress Sanatana Dharma and its festivals. Be it burning firecrackers or lighting candles, the environment only suffers if Hindus of Bharat celebrate.

Diwali Hypocrisy of Influencers

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Diwali, celebrated by millions of Sanatanis across India and the globe, signifies a time of family gatherings, the exchange of gifts, the illumination of oil lamps, and the bursting of firecrackers. However, in today’s era of social media, a different trend has taken root – certain influencers and self-proclaimed animal lovers have assumed the role of condemning the use of firecrackers during Diwali.

These influencers, frequently found posing alongside their pets on Instagram, promote an anti-Hindu sentiment of ‘Ban Firecrackers’ masked as animal welfare advocacy. While they preach love for animals, they conveniently overlook the broader implications of their messaging. Their call for a cracker-free Diwali, supposedly in the name of animal welfare, often conceals an anti-Hindu agenda. Their concern for their furry friends disappears when crackers burst to celebrate a wedding or cricket match. It only appears when it’s time for a Hindu festival. This is nothing but Diwali Hypocrisy! 

The Reality of a Diwali in Bharat

The celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights, holds a special place in the hearts of millions of Sanatanis. Candles, diyas, firecrackers, and sweets are a part of this festival. Yet, in this age of evolving narratives, a segment of politically motivated influencers and self-proclaimed animal lovers have taken it upon themselves to censure the use of firecrackers during a Hindu festival.

It is vital to recognize that Diwali is cherished by the majority of Bharat. Bursting firecrackers is as much a ritual of this festival as sharing sweets or lighting up homes with diyas! Thus, this year let’s open our eyes to acknowledge the Diwali Hypocrisy of the AAP administration and social influencers. May the people of Bharat honor Sanatanis customs without rok-tok from liberals and leftists. May Sanatani culture and traditions be whole-heartedly embraced despite the shadow of the prevalent Diwali Hypocrisy!

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