Tuesday, November 29, 2022
A great woman who dedicated all her life to bring back the glory of her motherland and manifesting the dream of Hindawi Swarajya is none other than Rajmata Matoshri...

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Ex-Muslims Movement Gains Ground in India | Amina Sardar, Tufail Chaturvedi and Sanjay Dixit

Big Jolt to Waqf - Supreme Court Judgement | Waqf Property Act | Sanjay Dixit

The Razakar Files - ओवैसी के पुरखों के अत्याचार की कहानी | Prakhar Shrivastava and Sanjay Dixit


USA Midterm Elections and What Comes Along for World Politics

Elections in the USA have always been a matter of talk of the town. Each and every country gets affected by what the people...

Dramatic Performance by AAP has No Stopping

Since its inception world has landed into more complexity, and further more chaos. And AAP, Aam Admi Party is also a blink in that...

Pakistan’s Renowned Global Reputation – Ishaq Dar Heckled In USA

The reputation of Pakistan around the world is well known and renowned! (Pun-intended!) Pakistan is well known for exporting terror around the globe and...

Bengal Violence on Kozagari Purnima

Recently, there has been a spike in anti-Hindu attacks all across the globe. There is no denying that it is an alarm for the...

Gujarat Election Fiasco – Resignation By AAP MLA Rajendra Gautam

Another drama has yet again been started by the drama-specialist AAP. Kejriwal and his party MLAs have all been embroiled in some controversy or...


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The Seven Exoduses Of Kashmir Valley

Kashmir is unique at least in one respect. This is one geography within the Indian Subcontinent that has a recorded history that fits the norms...

A Book List For Every Hindu to Understand Shatrubodh

Bharatvarsha, a land of gods is the oldest surviving civilization in the world. This civilization and culture have managed to survive over thousands of...

Open Letter to Narendra Modi Ji and Amit Shah

Dear Prime Minister and Home Minister, We are pained to write you that we had brought a full majority government back in centre for a...

The Riots of 1920’s – Emergence of RSS

The history of Muslims attacking Hindus has been going on since centuries. How RSS was formed in the wake of these attacks forms an...

Urduwood – Bollywood ’s Old Story of Hindumisia

The release of movies like Shamshera and Brahmastra is on the anvil, showing utter disregard for Hindu beliefs and customs. It’s time that Bollywood...
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Vikas Giri Murdered by Yunus Ansari- Peaking Islamic Fanaticism

Another more shocking, brutal, and gruesome case, even more horrifying than Shraddha's, emerged in Rewa. The brutal and remorseless killing by Yunus Ansari of...

The Gruesome Face of Love Jihad – Nidhi’s Brutal Killing by Sufiyan

Hearing, reading, and hearing about cases of Love Jihad has become an unfortunate reality of our times. Hindu society cannot escape this reality, and...

Never Forget, Never Forgive: Saga of Hindu Genocide

The more you try to curb the truth, it will resurface with double the force. Because truth is harsh, unbelievable and burns away the...


Manusmriti and The Origin of Universe

A question that has always perturbed humanity is from where did this universe originated. Who is behind all this game of creating the world? What are the elements and...

Sikh Gurus and Devi Worship

There has never been a time when ‘Shakti’ was not invoked. In the time of utter distress, great floods, fear and attack of enemies....

Manusmriti and Rajadharma

Manusmriti is full of richness and diversity. It forms a microcosm of Hindu and Indic civilization. Though the most blemished one in the current...

Manusmriti and Shudras

The prime minister of Kuru Empire, was the son of servant-woman. Vidura, a great visionary, strategist and bhakt. Because of his sheer knowledge and...


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