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Fugitive Maulana Shoaib Noori Arrested From Indore for Love Jihad Involvement

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Maulana Shaoib Noori became a fugitive after a case was lodged against him for his involvement in a Love Jihad incident similar to ‘Ajmer 92’. The Maulana stands accused of threatening the 20-year-old Hindu victim of rape to convert to Islam and marry her assailant. His arrest in Indore raises the hopes of Indian women, that justice shall prevail irrespective of the religion of the accused.

The Ahmednagar-Indore Love Jihad Case 

Ahmednagar: Hindu girl kidnapped, raped, and converted to Islam, Sayam, Imran, Kaleem, Faiyaaz arrested
PC OpIndia

A 20 years old Hindu girl from the Kopargaon region of Maharashtra was a victim of Love Jihad. She fell in love with Sayam Qureshi on the online platform Instagram. Sayam Qureshi and his 3 friends lured the unsuspecting girl to Indore. Unsurprisingly, all of them belong to the ‘peaceful’ community. Similar to ‘Ajmer 92’, the victim was drugged, raped, and repeatedly assaulted. They took indecent pictures and videos of the acts with her.

They used this collection to pressurize the girl to read the Namaz and accept their advances. Later, the now-arrested Maulana forced the victim to marry her primary abuser and convert to Islam. 

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While the police arrested the accused Sayam Qureshi and his associates Imran Sheikh, Kaleem, and Faiyyaz; the Maulana Shaoib Noori was on the run from the law. The police arrested this Maulana Shaoib Noori on 16th July. He was charged under several sections of the IPC. This incident is similar to the ‘Ajmer 92’ case. Similar to the Ajmer case, the victim’s modesty is firstly outraged with rape and assault. Thereafter, their trample upon the victim’s dignity by taking photographs and videos of the rape and assault. And finally, the assailants use these to force the victim to further submit to her abuser’s demands.

The Rise of Love Jihad Traps on Social Media

How the myth of love jihad is going viral - Times of India
PC Times of India

Radical Islamists increasingly use social media as Love Jihad traps. They fool Hindu women by using fake online identities and personas. Thereafter, they establish emotional connections with their unsuspecting victims. These ‘peaceful’ scammers often manipulate their gullible targets by using flattery, empathy, and false promises of love and companionship. They exploit the vulnerability and trust of Hindu girls and trap them in a well-crafted web of deception. 

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The consequences of falling into a love trap by a Jihadi are usually devastating for the victims. They suffer a loss of dignity, experience emotional and physical trauma, and lose their self-respect and trust in others. In the aftermath of such Jihads the ‘peacefuls’ leave with a sense of accomplishment, while the victims suffer life-long trauma.


While social media platforms have transformed the way humans connect and communicate, they also pose risks for the exploitation of the weak. Hindu women must remain vigilant and follow preventive measures to protect themselves from falling victim to cases of Love Jihad. Sanatani women must exercise caution, trust their instincts, and prioritize their safety over emotions when they engage in any online communication. They must report any suspicions to the police or parents.

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Liberals like to present ‘Love Jihad’ as an innocent love between two individuals of different faiths. However, in reality, the victims of this Jihad are either brainwashed or forced to accept Islam. Recently, the cases under this Jihadi agenda show an increasing use of force and manipulation of victims to accomplish conversions and ‘nikah’. Sleeping Sanatanis of India must awaken to realize the truth of such agendas under the guise of love or commitment. 

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