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The Phenomenon Called Trump

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America is slowly unravelling due to the phenomenon called Trump, he has managed to polarize the American electorate, is he an accident or the new normal?

Donald Trump is perhaps one of the most known individuals on the planet.

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No, not just because of his immense wealth and celebrity status, but because of many other reasons.

His election in 2016 shocked the world’s liberal public opinion. The world took a bit of time to allow the election victory of Trump to sink in.

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However, he too is proving to be a bad apple. Having denied his loss in the 2020 Presidential election, he alleged electoral fraud and even urged his followers to do everything to keep him in office.

His dutiful followers on 6 January, 2021 stormed the temple of American democracy-the US Congress in a bid to stop his defeat.

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This insurrection shocked every democratic country in the world, India was no different.

But what explains the Trump phenomenon continuing to hold steady and strong support in America?

Not Your Usual Politician

Trump isn’t really the usual politician. He is a business magnate and then a politician.

Unlike the usual politician’s diplomatic stand on most extreme, Trump is blunt, he doesn’t beat around the bush.

This fellow has the guts to call a spade a spade. Either when it comes to the economy or China.

He is very clear what his core electorate and the people at large want from him.

But he isn’t the model citizen either, but why?

Morally Questionable Character

Trump, undoubtedly has a morally questionable character. His four marriages, numerous affairs, narcissism, grandiose behaviour explain that.

What shocked the conscience of ordinary Americans and other people around the world was the Stormy Daniels hush money scandal.

What baffled people was when he egregiously claimed that he was mesmerized by his daughter Ivanka and that if she wasn’t her daughter, “he would have married her”.

Gosh, this sounds creepy even as somebody writes this.

Disturbing Support Base

His core voter base is discomforting for any democratic minded person-right wing, white supremacist working class Americans.

They consider Trump to be some kind of messiah sent to America’s aid.

The ubiquitous support for the QAnon and electoral fraud theory and the lengths that Trump supporters will go to defend him shows this discomfiture.

This raise a disturbing question-

Is Trump an Accident or The New Normal?

I believe that Trump isn’t really an accident, the gradual right-wing shift in American politics commenced from the concluding years of the Obama administration.

Trump simply utilized the fault lines in American polity and society and promised a brand new America-‘America First’ was his goal.

Also, despite his conviction in the insurrection case of 2021 remains defiant, Trump’s rallies continues to attract large crowds.

It is appalling that almost half of the American electorate believe in him.

May Ishwar save America!

Om Shanti.

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