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The Jaipur Dialogues is an Indic organization geared towards spreading knowledge and wisdom of our great Sanatan Dharma and Bharatvarsha. In a small period of time, The Jaipur Dialogues has managed to create a considerable impact on Hindus, not only in India but also globally. With an unflinching tone and being unapologetically Hindu, The Jaipur Dialogues has managed to become a voice for millions of Hindus. With the platform now having a mass reach, we invite our readers, subscribers, and followers to share their views with us.

The Jaipur Dialogues shall provide a platform to air your voice, by sharing your articles, reports, journals, info-graphics, etc. There are certain criteria that have to be met, as the said article or document shall be published post-vetting by our content team. The set of criteria is mentioned below:

1. Articles can cover any aspect as mentioned on our website, i.e., Sanatana, Politics, Christianity, Islam, Sanskriti, Society, Itihasa, Global, Law and Justice, Culture, and Geopolitics.

2. Articles should be free of plagiarism and originally written and conceptualized by the author.

3. Articles shared should be first shared and published originally on the Jaipur Dialogues website. If the author/contributor wishes then they can share it on their personal platform, after a period of then days.

4. Articles should have adequate, original, and proper references. Clear hyperlinks shall be provided.

5. The preferred word length should be from a minimum of 600 to a maximum of 1500 words.

6. Sensitive topics should be addressed in a professional manner without it being insensitive, rude, demeaning, violent, or inciteful. Any specific targeting against an individual or an organization shall not be entertained.

7. The authors shall be liable for their written content.

8. Any content that goes against JD standards or against the ethos of the organization shall not be entertained.

9. Articles should only be submitted in Word format.

10. The article should meet basic standards of publishing, i.e., no grammatical errors, no use of abbreviations, placing of relevant images, headlines, and appropriate placing paragraphs is imperative.

11. Words like Lord, etc. that have a western template aren’t encouraged to be used.

12. Kindly share your name and email address while sharing the article. If you wish to remain anonymous then please mention the same.

The Jaipur Dialogues doesn’t hold any liability or responsibility for the personal opinions expressed within articles by the author. The author shall solely be responsible for the accuracy, thoroughness, suitability, or reliability of any information. The author shall assume any responsibility or liability for the same.