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Decoding Development

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Decoding Development is the need of the hour in order to reclaim the narrative on progressive growth

Development is one of the buzzwords in the fast paced world of today.

It is the sine qua non on the debates surrounding nature, epistemology, sociology and ecology.

Development can defined as the notion of growth and progress in the society and institutions of humankind.

It is the crucial tool that contributed to the prosperity of global order.

Also development is essential to understand the trajectory of our social moorings. In fact, defining the correct narrative on development may highlight the need to decode it.

Western Narrative on Development

Development in the Western sense of the term means material progress. It denotes the fact that nature is commodified to serve human ends.

Nature is considered to be a means to an end, the end being the social and institutional growth of the human race.

The idea of development took shape during the Enlightenment period followed by the Industrial Revolution in the 17th century.

For the West, development meant progress in the ability to promote a consumerist lifestyle.

Such a lifestyle is marked by an abundance of things.

However, such a notion of development is pejorative, this is because it entails the need to acquire more resources.

However in the search for such resources, the West ended up satisfying their rapacious urge by colonising other nations.

This led to the pernicious phenomenas of colonialism and imperialism.

Today, whatever problem the world is facing due to climate change is because of the West.

Indic Notion of Development

The Indic notion of development spiritualises nature.

It regards nature not as an asset but an independent entity. This is evident from the religious respect for nature in India.

Our civilizational heritage has taught us to respect and revere nature, not exploit it. This is the reason why India is progressing so fast.

The LIFE approach to environment is, therefore essential. It has to be followed in letter and spirit.

Decoding Development is essential at this juncture of history.

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