Thursday, July 25, 2024
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ANI Slams Wikipedia With A Defamation Case!

In a significant turn of events, Indian news agency Asian News International or ANI, has filed a Rs 2 crore defamation suit against Wikipedia....

VHP Halts Junaid Khan’s “Maharaja”: A Propaganda Against Hindus

Junaid Khan seems to be treading a well-worn path of orchestrated public image crafting, much like his father, the actor Aamir Khan. The latest...

Debunking Myths – Visit How Palki Sharma Roared Bharat’s Truth At Oxford Union Society 

Palki Shamra, a well-known and respected Indian journalist, had spoken at the invitation of the Oxford Union Society. Her speech was to address India's...

Bharat Blackend By The ‘Zero-Food Children’ Myth 

Bharat and its name are being blackened again in mainstream media. A survey nick-named 'Zero-Food Children' study states that 19.3% of India's infants do...

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