In the serene ambiance of Alakhnath Temple lingers the divine presence of Baba Alakhnath. This temple is 930 years old.

Steeped in divine ambiance, the Dhopeshwar Nath Temple is located in the Sadar Bazar  Bareilly Cantonment area. Primarily, the site is believed to be the birth site of Draupadi (Panchali) and her brother Drishtadyumna from Mahabharata.

The sacred atmosphere of Pashupatinath Mandir is the site where Lord Shiva revealed his majestic form as Pashupatinath, the lord of all creatures.

Tapeshwar Nath Mandir is the oldest Nath temple in Bareilly. It is an ancient Hindu shrine in dedication to Lord Shiva.

The mystical ambiance of Madhinath Temple is a sacred abode. This 5000 years old temple reverberates with its dedication to Lord Shiva.

Bankhandi Nath Temple is a Dvapara yuga temple that is home to the members of Dashnam Juna Akhara. A large number of sages and saints gather in the temple to do rigorous penance.

Bareilly also houses an ancient temple of Trivati Nath. The local Hindus worship a divine Shivalinga in this temple.