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Triumph of Justice: Kanpur Hindu Teacher’s Case Discloses ISIS Agenda

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The legal system marked a monumental victory for justice in Kanpur’s Hindu Teacher’s case. The seven-year-old case reveals a connection to a shocking terrorist plot in Bharat. This revelation serves as a triumph for Ramesh Babu Shukla, a respected teacher and principal at a local school who was shot without cause, and his family. Moreover, the case is also a resounding victory for the Hindu community in Bharat.

Murder, Mayhem, and Anti-Hindu Terrorism

PC Hindupost

Seven years ago, Shukla, affectionately known as “Guruji” or “Panditji,” was brutally shot while riding his bicycle. The murder initially baffled authorities, as Shukla had no known enemies. The case ran cold, leaving his family haunted by the question of whether he was wrongly targeted.

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A breakthrough in this harrowing case came through the tragic and deadly explosion on the Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train 5 months later. This blast, which tragically claimed innocent lives, marked the first-ever ISIS attack on Indian soil.

Mohammed Faisal, one of the accused in the train bombing, made a chilling admission that unveiled the connection between the Kanpur Hindu Teacher’s murder and the terrorist attack.

Shockingly, Shukla was targeted randomly solely because of his Hindu identity. The “kalawa” on his wrist, the sacred “tilak” on his forehead, and the “shikha” on his head were enough to place him squarely in the bullseye.

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ISIS Qualification Needs Murder of a ‘Qafir’

Two Kanpur Men, Faisal And Muzaffar, Get Death For Killing A 'Qafir' Wearing Kalawa And Tilak To Impress ISIS
PC Swarajya

Mohammed Faisal and his accomplice, Muzaffar, were aspiring terrorists in India.

Their ISIS handler gave them clear instructions to eliminate a “Qafir” or an unbeliever.

Thereafter, they must record the proof of the killing and send the video to their ISIS handlers in Syria. Once confirmed, the two would be able to gain access to more resources and more responsibilities for ISIS.

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It is believed that the accused were successfully inducted in ISIS. They were probably trained and given inputs or resources. This led to their involvement in the Bhopal-Ujjain train explosion. Reports claim that they confessed to the murder once they were caught. Thus, it proves that Islamic zealots only need a slight nudge to jump off the edge of humanity or sanity. They killed an innocent man to gain access to resources to kill hundreds more. Will people still be able to claim that Islam is a religion of peace?

Justice for Kanpur Hindu Teacher and Sanatanis

ISIS-inspired men who killed retired principal in Kanpur get death sentence - India Today
PC Times of India

After a long and rigorous legal battle, justice has prevailed. The accused have been sentenced to death by a special court in Lucknow under the National Investigating Agency (NIA). The NIA took over the case from the Kanpur police. A year after Shukla’s murder, they revealed the terrorist link.

This victory in the Kanpur Hindu teacher case signifies a win for justice! Moreover, it marks a triumph for the Sanatani community. Additionally, it sends a powerful message to those who seek to terrorize Bharat’s Hindu population. Unsurprisgnly, it highlights the importance of a strong pro-Hindu government to combat the evil of Islamic terrorism. The memory of Ramesh Babu Shukla and his case live on as a symbol of justice for Sanatanis. Hindus in India face adversity every day! At least for once, the courts served justice to give closure to the case. 

Points to Ponder

The harrowing tale of Ramesh Babu Shukla’s murder and its connection to terrorism serves as a stark reminder of the lurking menace of radicalization in Bharat. The ‘peacefuls’ prefer loyalty to zealot organizations over love for the nation. Moreover, a soft secular government is similar to a friend to this section of extremists and Islamists. How many Hindus need to pay a price in blood before the liberals and secularists recognize the truth? Many Islamist Leaders shout ‘15 minutes’ warning to Hindus to showcase their fanatic might and murderous hearts. Can Hindus live in peace in a nation filled with ‘peacefuls’?

This time, the resilience of the Indian legal system was successful in bringing justice to the victim and his family. Thus, maybe the time has come when truth will triumph over terror. However, for how long will Sanatanis be able to resist suppression in the land of their forefathers. The answer to this question will determine the future of Bharat. May Parmatma grant sadgati to the soul of the departed and may his family find closure. May Bharat’s Sleeping Sanatanis wake up to realize the reality of the Peaceful community.

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