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The Fake Propaganda of ‘Bhagwa Love Trap’

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The recent rise of violence against couples of mixed faiths is mostly under the Love Jihad angle. The secularists and liberals claim that Love Jihad is BJP and RSS propaganda. However, the same people were silent when Islamists invented the phrase ‘Bhagwa Love Trap’. The ‘peacefuls’ who have vehemently denied the existence of Love Jihad, are openly attacking to oppose the supposed conversion of Muslim girls.

The radical Islamists hound any Muslim girls who are observed to be in the company of a non-Muslim partner or friend. These unruly mobs of Muslim youths randomly attack Hindu boys with Muslim girls irrespective of the relationship status between the two. Additionally, they harass the Muslim girls found with these Hindu boys under the pretext of combating Hindu conversion propaganda.

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Decoding the Myth of ‘Bhagwa Love Trap’

Muslim Women Seen with Hindu Men Harassed, Doxed — All In the Name of 'Bhagwa Love Trap'
PC The Quint

There is a rise in lynch mob attacks on mixed-faith interactions of Muslim girls. These Islamist goons have a physical altercation with any Hindu boy found in the company of a Muslim girl. They claim these efforts are to stop the rise of the Bhagwa Love Trap. However, the reality is very different.

The radical idea of the Bhagwa Love Trap was presented just a few months ago by radical Islamic scholars like Sajjad Nomani.

Their idea was to unite Muslim youths to protect the virtue of Muslim women and Islam itself. They used this phrase to incite Islamic youth against BJP and RSS. This strategy was also used to re-direct the public fury against the Muslim conversions under Love Jihad.

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The trigger-happy youth of the Islamic community have happily accepted this responsibility. They form tyrant mobs to rough up the Hindu boys that accompany Muslim girls. Moreover, they make video recordings of the Muslim girl to shame her and her family. for her association with anyone from the Hindu community. The worst part is that they claim these actions are to protect Muslim women from being converted to follow Hinduism.

Consequences of the Fake Propaganda by ‘Peacefuls’

The rise in communal violence against Hindus has become twofold in the face of this new Islamic strategy. Hindus are on the receiving end of hatred and violence in the name of Love Jihad and the fake Bagwa Love Trap. Firstly, Love Jihad convinces Hindu women to leave the faith of their birth. Thereafter, Islamic radicalized mobs target Hindu men that accompany Muslim women.

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Islam does not recognize the legality of children born out of a mixed-faith marriage. The words of Shoaib Jamai highlight the views of ‘Kattar Musalman’ on spouses and children in a Hindu-Muslim interfaith marriage. His recent verbal vomit against a Muslim woman’s marriage to a Hindu man showcases the dogma of the Islamic belief system. Hindu women convert to Islam to gain legality for their marriage and children in the eyes of the Muslim community. Although, Indian law recognizes interfaith marriages without conversion of either party; the Islamic community does not recognize it. Therefore, the conversion of Hindu girls under Love Jihad is a reality. 

In another India, Hindus and Muslims do marry without changing their faith - The Hindu
PC The Hindu

However, the same is not true for Hindus. The Hindu community readily accepts spouses of other faiths. They give due recognition to the children born from such marriages. Thus, Muslim girls do not need to convert to gain acceptance into the Hindu community. Therefore, the idea of the Bhagwa Love Trap is a baseless allegation against Hindus. It is an agenda to demonize Hindus. The ideology behind this fake propaganda is to push back against the rising awareness of Hindus against Love Jihad.

Disillusioned Muslim Women

Awesome Without Allah: Why These Muslims Are Leaving Islam And Are Proud Of It
PC Swarajya

If Muslim women are leaving the faith of their birth, it may be attributed to the severe orthodox mentality of the religion itself. Islamic law oppresses the existence of women. Women are treated as mere chattels by their husbands or burdens by their fathers. The inequality in inheritance, divorce, and rights to marital property underscores the lack of status of Muslim women. Therefore, it should not surprise radicals when educated and aware Islamic women leave the faith. Therefore, this act of disillusionment of Muslim women should not be placed at the doors of Hindus. Its blame lies solely on the shoulders of the lack of reforms in the Islamic communities.   

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