Monday, July 22, 2024

Ridicules Of Identifications

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Just when one thinks that the things in West could not get any worse and/or ridiculous, they take the challenge. The whole hosh posh of Gender Norms are being “redefined” by the West liberals. This obviously comes with its own set of nonsense baggage.

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Children born are “gender neutral” these days! What utter wildness is this? How did the society come to this? It has all happened in a span of five years. This nonsense has spread like a wildfire. Children are identifying as he, she, they, them, cats, wolf – and this is not a joke. There are severe cases of this epidemic.

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Woke Life

Recently multiple cases of misusing this identity. Piers Morgan made an apt point regarding the same.

The point raised is if identification is so “fluid” then a man can identify as a woman and get away with it.

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The case occurred in Scotland where by a “woman born in a man’s body” raped multiple women. So naturally as the dumb mind of the jury goes, “she” is in a female prison. Voila!

Recently, Avi Silverberg, the head coach of the Canada Powerlifting Team for almost a decade, identified as female and competed in the Heroes Classic event in Lethbridge, Alberta. He broke a record held by a transwoman lifter who was observing the sport. This means that men who identify as women are permitted to compete in women’s sports. The participants are not subject to any sanctions under this policy.

These reports are few of the ones that are out there. A school teacher issued that multiple children in her class identify as cats and will therefore respond to the same. Where are we heading? The West is a lost cause but now this epidemic is spreading across fast. Children are desensitised to genders and there are drag queen being invited to classrooms and day cares. What is the Left Liberal cabal trying to achieve here? Four year olds want gender reassignment surgeries….four year olds! Their parents also go ahead with these permanent procedures and for what? Fame? Your fifteen minutes of fame is costing the society!

The issue arises because everyone is becoming well too aware of what their rights are but not their responsibility. The responsibility to the society has gone in the back burner, or it does not even exist! That society will be a very sorry one. India and Indians still have a chance of redeeming their society and culture and wean to the Sanatani ways of life!

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