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Nonsense by a Rice Bag Convert!

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The pandemic was one of the most trying times that the world went through. While the nation got through it and we lost many lives in the process. However, in times like these, there will always be the gutter infesting, self proclaimed low lives, looking for their five minutes of fame. One such individual happens to be Daniel Fernandes – a rice bag Christian.

Sadist Stand Up

In a desperate attempt to gain traction, Daniel Fernandes did what was expected of him – put out a controversial section of his boring to death stand up. 

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Apparently, he does not advocate calling Christians in India “Rice Bags” – a name that came to usage seeing how they converted inchange for bags of rice.

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Anyways, this “Rice Bag” convert goes on air and laughingly produces his ideology for the world to see. If you support “Chai” (Modi), then you can go die. All of this is acceptable in social media since “he’s a comedian” but a bad one at that, mind you.

Hindu Bashing

This hypocrite open his show talking about the caste system prevalent in Hindu society as opposed to the “rice bag” convert society. Ironically, the “rice bag” community issued the following a few days back.

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If only the “rice bags” would look within! But he had to go ahead and call the Hindu society misogynistic and casteist. Well to be fair to him, he has to defend the rotting “rice bag” culture he comes from and the only way to justify the folly of hs ancestors is to throw stones at the Sanatana Dharma.

Cultural Mockery

Most of the stand up artists (well I wouldn’t call them comics since their brand of comedy is well boring) have now developed this trend of either playing the victim card or mocking the Hindu culture and getting away with it.

Why? Because their intention was not to insult anyone apparently. They were making a “joke”.

The next time Daniel has to make a “joke”, there are a ot of evangelical topics that can be supplied to him for his stand up material. Maybe it will also cause him to retrospect the faith of “rice bag”. Also on a side note : which of his ancestors left the other for a bag of rice?! That example seemed way to close to home to have come up in the act as such. I hope he enlightens the public upon that.

Pandemic Mockery

The fact that a sensitive topic like the COVID and the deaths it caused is a topic of mockery for this “rice bag” shows his mentality. It’s not his fault though – this is how Missionaries torment people in need to get them to convert. He is doing what his faith teaches and practices everyday.

The very fact that a person’s political choice inspires your decision to help them or not is a sign of a “rice bag” upbringing, apart from being inhumane. But that he will pass off by saying that “he is a comedian”. That is the sad plight of affairs today. These so called “comedians” are hog washed puppets lapping around in chaotic ideologies.

Poor Comedic Timing

Daniel Fernandes isn’t the first comedian to stoop to this level – he is the latest one but not the first. We have seen the likes of Tanmay Bhat, Bassi, Munawar Faruqui and the likes of them. These are our new age “comedians” who are the “funny” guys presented in leaps and bounds.

They thrive on making dystopian comments and passively mobilising the crowds through their stand ups. Most of their “shows” are ripe with drinking and smoking up anecdotes and it comes across as no surprise that they fared poorly in other fields. However, their sailing in comedy is also not that great, even though they pass it off as such. Most of their comic material comes off of mocking the other side – take that away and you are left with hapless figures scrambling in front of the mic.

This is not Free Speech

The idea of free speech is quite misused in the Indian context. It seems to be that free speech encapsulates hating and abusing a particular community and culture. Let us work to ensure that these “woke” individuals are held responsible for their actions and not allowed to get away with any nonsense they vomit in the name of free speech!

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