Thursday, July 25, 2024

Exposing the West’s Human Rights Hypocrisy

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Exposing the West’s human rights hypocrisy is essential to set the record straight when it comes to the former’s questioning of India’s human rights track record

The G20 summit is currently underway.

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The most powerful economies of the world are all set to attend this important summit in New Delhi. It is going to be a star studded event.

However, not everything is rosy, especially the West’s alleged questioning of India’s human rights ‘track record’.

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The West is hypocritical to the core, they regard themselves as superior to others and try to superimpose their way of life and institutions on others.

They questions the ways and lives of others.

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So, it is necessary to understand the West’s hypocrisy on human rights-


Slavery is very old concept, the West has a terrible track record when it comes to human rights.

They were responsible for colonisation of the African continent in what came to be called the ‘Scramble for Africa’.

It was the West who propounded the Transatlantic Slave trade for over four centuries. It was countries like England, Netherlands, Germany, Italy etc. In fact, the Netherlands under Leopold III was responsible for some of the cruelest treatment of slaves in the African Congo.

American Track Record

Now, let’s come to the so called defender of democracy in the World-America.

America considers itself to be the World’s policeman. But let’s see its track record.

Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and then Libya.

All of these directly or indirectly led to the deaths of over two million people. In Vietnam, the Americans used Napalm bombs which burnt people alive and caused post birth complications in women.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the American troops committed war crimes.

In Libya too, the US invoked the R2P provision and used NATO cover to bomb innocent Libyans and orchestrated the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.  Libya is in the worst possible shape because of the United States today.

Further, the US by providing arms, particularly cluster munitions to the Ukrainian forces are violating international law.

Therefore, the West must perform deep introspection before questioning a country like India, the mother of democracies.

India had been a democracy even before Christianity had emerged in the world.

So, the West must stop preaching human rights to India and should focus on improving their track record and commence atoning for their sins.

Exposing the West’s human rights hypocrisy is, therefore, imperative.

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