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PM Modi Takes Jibe at Rahul Gandhi: “Bachhe Ka Man Behlane Ka Kaam”

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In a spirited and witty reply during the Lok Sabha discussion on the President’s address, PM Modi aimed his sharp remarks at Congress and its leader, Rahul Gandhi. With a touch of humor, he said that Congress members were busy entertaining a child who was celebrating his 99 marks. However, what they failed to realize was that these 99 marks were not out of 100, but out of 543. This clever quip set the tone for a speech filled with sharp political commentary and humorous analogies.

A Child and His Ant: PM Modi Narrates

Modi’s statement had the entire House in splits. He drew a hilarious analogy, likening Congress to someone consoling a child over an ant’s death. “Congress members are busy consoling their child, saying, ‘Look, the ant is dead,’ as if that’s an achievement!” he remarked. The humor in his voice was unmistakable, painting a picture of Congress celebrating minor victories while ignoring the larger failure.

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“99 Marks? Out of 543!”

The Prime Minister further elaborated on the plight of Congress, recalling the 1984 by-elections, and noting how Congress has failed to touch the 250-mark in ten Lok Sabha elections since then. This time, they got stuck at 99. Modi illustrated this with a classic “exam result” analogy, where a student proudly displays his marks, oblivious to the fact that it’s in a class of 543. “It’s like a child flaunting his 99 marks, unaware that it’s out of 543, not 100,” Modi jested. The clever comparison drove home the point that Congress’s achievement was minor in the grand scheme of things.

World Record in Failure?

PM Modi did not stop there. He claimed Congress had made a world record in failure. “Who will explain to them that they’ve set a world record in failing?” he quipped. He warned them not to drown the mandate in false celebrations and urged them to understand the people’s mandate instead. He hinted at Congress possibly being remembered as a parasitic party after 2024, giving another humorous but sharp blow to the opposition. “This election is a message for their allies too. The Congress party might be remembered as a parasitic party post-2024,” Modi declared, with his words dripping in satire.

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NDAs Clean Sweep: A Side Note

Modi also highlighted the NDA’s sweeping victories in four states that went unnoticed alongside the Lok Sabha elections. He mentioned the unprecedented success in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, and Sikkim, attributing it to the blessings of Lord Jagannath. “In the land of Lord Jagannath, Odisha has blessed us abundantly. We have swept Andhra Pradesh, and formed governments in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim,” he announced proudly. This was a subtle reminder that while Congress was busy celebrating minor victories, the NDA was making significant strides.

A Witty Show in the House by PM Modi

Throughout this discussion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi used his wit and sarcasm to turn the session into a comedic spectacle. His remarks ensured that Congress and Rahul Gandhi felt the sting, while the audience enjoyed a delightful political drama. Modi’s clever use of analogies and humor not only highlighted the shortcomings of the opposition but also kept the atmosphere lively and engaging.

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PM Modi’s speech was a masterclass in using humor and wit to make a serious political point. His sharp jibes at Congress, combined with his humorous anecdotes, turned a routine parliamentary discussion into a memorable event. By the end of his speech, it was clear that while Congress might be celebrating their small victories, Modi was the one who truly stole the show with his witty remarks and clever analogies.

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