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Siddaramaiah’s Karnataka Government Reveals Hindu Bias: Yatras Sacrifice For Freebies!

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Recent news talks of a shocking order issued by the Congress-led Karnataka Government. The Siddaramaiah administration is withdrawing the previously issued subsidies allocated for Hindu pilgrims undertaking the Kailash Manasarovar, Char Dham, and Kashi Yatras.

This decision, formalized under Government Order Number: KAE 166 MUA BI 2022, takes immediate effect. Thereby, proving that the Karnataka Hindus were sacrificed to keep the ‘freebies’ afloat! Let’s explore!

Karnataka Government Revises Subsidy To Hindus

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The Karnataka Government overturns several prior orders concerning financial assistance to Hindu pilgrimages. The move seems aimed at lightening the economic burden of the state. However, it reveals the Congress’ bias against Hindus. How? Because the Islamic pilgrimages are still covered in full.

Yet, it seems that Hindu Yatra subsidies stand reduced to ensure that the government can fuel its freebie schemes!

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Under the new rules, pilgrims from Karnataka embarking on the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra will receive a one-time assistance of Rs. 30,000 per pilgrim. Those participating in the Char Dham Yatra, which covers Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, will get Rs. 20,000 per pilgrim. For the Kashi Yatra and alike, a meager Rs. 5,000 will be provided to at most 30,000 pilgrims annually. This assistance is neither funded by the center nor the state. These subsidies will use the donations and temple funds to finance the scheme.

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However, in stark contrast, the Haj pilgrimage receives substantial subsidies. Assisted by the central government schemes and state government’s kind care, every year approximately 1,12,000 Muslim pilgrims will receive Rs. 38,000 each. And all of this is funded by the public taxes received by the central and state governments. The money is redistributed under minority schemes to allow Muslims an almost free passage to their place of worship. Thus, this glaring contrast in expenditure and source exposes the Congress government’s blatant bias. Moreover, it has sparked widespread condemnation from the Hindu community.

Reactions and Justifications To The Karnataka Government Revisions

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Hindu organizations are livid at the revised schemes. Firstly, they argue that the significant difference in the amount and the source of subsidies highlights the unequal treatment that Hindus face in a Hindu-majority state and nation. Then, they argue that the Haj pilgrimage is heavily subsidized by public funds by both the center and the state. However, Hindu pilgrimages, that should be promoted and subsidized in a Hindu-majority nation, receive comparatively less support and need to rely on temple donations.

Karnataka Government officials justify the revised subsidy amounts as a necessary measure for fiscal prudence, but the anti-Hindu bias is clear and unjust.

The financial crisis in Karnataka is a direct consequence of the Congress government’s bad fiscal policies. The freebies and other giveaways have drained the state coffers. Thereby, leading to increased prices for petrol, diesel, and milk. Therefore, the reduced funding for Hindu pilgrimages angers the common Hindu even more.

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Previously, the Siddaramaiah-led Karnataka Government attempted to divert temple funds. The Karnataka CONgress wanted to impose a 10% tax on temples. However, this bill was rejected by the Governor who questioned the administration if only Hindu places of worship were being targeted as cash cows or if other religious sects would also bear the brunt of this taxation. Consequently, the Congress government in Karnataka has devised a new way for the temples to fund their freebie promises. 

Did Hindus Of Karnataka Get CONned?

Karnataka Cong govt withdraws previously allocated subsidies for Hindu pilgrimages while maintaining Rs 38000 annual subsidy for each Haj pilgrim
PC HinduPost

Karnataka Government and its anti-Hindu mindset is evident in every policy. The government’s decision to reduce the subsidies for Hindu pilgrimages and source them only through temple funds or donations is a clear indication of Hinduphobia. The Hindu community is forcefully bled to make sacrifices at the first sign of financial trouble. However, other religious groups continue to enjoy the ‘Chhatra Chhaya’ of both state and central governments. These discriminatory practices need to be addressed immediately to ensure equal treatment for all religious groups.

The Karnataka government’s actions reveal a pattern of discrimination against Hindus.

And, its obvious that the Siddarmaiah-led administration favors one religious group over another. The financial disparity between subsidies for Hindu and Islamic pilgrimages is just a glaring example of the same. Those who voted for freebies shall get them from the Congress! However, the Hindu community will be made to pay to ensure the financial viability of CON party freebie schemes. And the Hindu community’s demand for justice shall fall on deaf ears. Why? Because they voted for ‘free’ bus rides and electricity. So, the cost of daily living will rise and financial aid to Hindus will reduce.

Fairness and equal treatment are given to those who go out to vote for their rights and dues.

And since the Hindus voted Congress, it seems they chose to be CONNED!

The revision and reduction of subsidies for Hindu pilgrimages may just be the tip of the iceberg that resides under the floundering Karnataka Government of CM Siddaramaiah! The Non-Violent Hindu community can continue to be outraged! The CON party knows they won’t walk the streets or demand their rights and dues. The nation does not burn when the Hindus get angry or upset. That role is reserved for a special or ‘peaceful’ section of society. Therefore, the discrimination against Hindus shall continue in Karnataka. Till when you ask? Until the next election cycle, when the CON party needs Hindu votes again!

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