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Education in Bengal is in Freefall

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Education in Bengal is in freefall, Bengal’s educational system is now in shambles and is degenerating at a fast pace

Bengal in the pre-Independent and for some four decades the loci of India in terms of industry and intellect.

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Bengal was once the intellectual capital of the country. It was known for churning out intellectuals with diverse interests.

Bengali intellectuals shined in every possible field imaginable.

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But the Bengal I am living in is only a pale shadow of its former self. The once mighty Bengal which was the bastion of ideas in India is in a degenerative state of existence.

Why do I say this- well, it is because of a recent notification that a college in Bengal has released which makes a complete mockery of the value of academics and the hard work of the students of Bengal who want to pursue a career in the intellectually stimulating field of academics.

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What is the Notification?





















As you can clearly see in the image the per class rate for a lecturer is a paltry sum of Rs 100.

What adds insult to the injury is the sheer contempt for the students who have maintain on one hand an excellent academic record and on the other hand have to expend large amount of monetary resources to become an academic, and what is their value-Rs 100.

Educational System in Shambles

With the exception of a few private schools belonging to the ICSE, CBSE and ISC boards and a few elite universities, Bengal’s education system is in shambles.

As a resident of Bengal I clearly know that the education system has declined severely.

The vernacular medium students struggle to do basic arithmetic and linguistic problems. The natural sciences and the social sciences, however, seem to be totally out of their grasp.

English, on the other hand seems to be like a Martian alien out to devour them.

This is a serious cause for concern, even as the large number of corrupt education officials are behind bars, this notification should set off alarm bells ringing for the country.

Only Ishwar knows how the once mighty Bengal’s education system can be resuscitated.

Therefore, Education in Bengal is in freefall.


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